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Route to Market website

So it’s been a while since much has happened on the old blog. That can be a good thing or a bad thing. It’s been a fairly busy year for us, but what’s been most defining is that we’ve ventured into old stomping grounds: websites. Here’s a recent one among others…

Route to Market LLC.

Sometime last year we worked on a few book projects with culinary consultant, Jennifer Bushman. And while we do offer author websites, we don’t necessarily push it as a major service. But when she approached us earlier this year to develop her website, we were ready to roll our sleeves up and get back to it. We had worked successfully with a programmer on our website and were really happy where it ended up. We wanted to see if we could do a similar thing for Route to Market LLC, Jennifer’s culinary consulting company.

The process was rather smooth. We were able to approve the overall design very quickly. In working with a developer, we learned a lot about responsive web design and best practices as well as what things we can do better in the future. But the end result is something we were very proud of and served the client well. We then went a step further and made sure that all of the companies social networks were visibly branded and matched the look of the website. I think this is something that;s often overlooked. People have a great website or great social media presence but there’s a visual disconnect with the other web-related platforms. In terms of impact it’s sending mixed messages. And the feeling one gets from having all of those components function smoothly and have a consistent visual voice is really empowering for a start-up, or any company for that matter. It makes it feel finished and complete.

Visit the social sites to see the continuity:




Anyway, that’s that, and we invite you to take a look at the whole package. Now back to the other websites on this book designed plate…

L.M. Montgomery Series

Some months back we completed a great job with, yet again, the talented Jacqui Oakley (who did the interior illustrations for the Sherlock and Jane Austen box sets we did for Amazon), and the team over at Sourcebooks. The project in question was a repackage of L.M. Mongomorey’s classic Anne of Green Gables series as well as her other classic novels. It was great fun working with Jacqui on developing a look that could work for all of the books. The 6 main Anne books are visually tied with a head shot of Anne as she ages, along with various elements from the books scattered about her hair and around her portrait. The other books loosely followed this approach and some broke free to explore a treatment more representative of those titles. But Jacqui’s art ties them all together nicely as does our spine and back cover treatments.

You can see more of the process that Jacqui went through on her website.

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      — Ira Berkowitz
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