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Where oh where has the covers.fwis blog gone?

Once a flourishing blog visited by book cover fans and book cover designers alike, the covers.fwis blog has come to a screeching halt. With it’s last post over four months ago, there seems to be no logical explanation to the lack of posts. The site had once featured a regular, tasty roster of the best book cover design work along with some great string of comments by visitors and the designers of the covers themselves. Now the site sits for months, stuck on one last, but great cover: Jonathan Safran Foer’s Eating Animals, designed by Gray318. The site offers no excuse as to it’s sudden demise. One thing stands true, in it’s heyday, it was the most frequented site for great examples of great book cover design work. Today, it still stands to offer up that tasty selection. I personally will miss it. The covers featured were often carefully selected and presented with insightful commentary by the FWIS team. While we do currently have alternative archive sites out there to titillate us in our appreciation of book cover design, I will always miss the feverish, fanatical and overt discussions, comments and posts. Never a dull moment.


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  • “ Better than professional! Every time I asked to tweak this or that detail, they did it with both alacrity and creativity. Very friendly and helpful throughout the process. ”

    — Ira Berkowitz
  • “You guys are great. It will be my pleasure to recommend you to fellow authors. I’m particularly impressed with your prompt turn-arounds, and your ability to effectively capture my concepts.”

    — Richard Bard
  • “ The cover and layout are so professionally done and compelling. The whole design speaks to a high level of quality and style and I think that has a huge impact on book sales. ”

    — Cynthia Morris
  • “ I honestly couldn’t imagine a better cover. I get people telling how much they love the cover on a regular basis. ”

    — S.C. Barrus
  • “ Thank you for such quick turn-arounds, wonderful organization, your professionalism, and most of all your great ideas and solutions.”

    — Tracy Cunningham
  • “Thank you so much for your great work and incredible speediness!”

    — Laura Williams, Algonquin Press

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