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One-stop book design: From concept to print, and more!


Book Cover Design

We’ll start the process of designing your cover by asking questions, reading your manuscript and researching your audience and competitive titles. We’ll provide you with a range of custom cover designs to choose from, and will work with you to achieve the desired look that is right for your audience. And yes, books are judged by their covers. Take a peek.

Book Layout Design

Whether you’re publishing a simple text-driven book or have many images, charts, graphs, pull quotes and sidebars to include, we’ll make sure your book layout is consistent with the cover design, typographically attractive, readable and engaging. Our experience with interior book layout ranges from the simple to the most complicated formats featuring various specialty printing and binding techniques, paper types, removable posters, glued-in pockets and much, much more. We’re invigorated by the challenge of making a book’s interior be as spectacular as its cover. Have a look at some of these book layouts.

Going Further

Once upon a time a lovely book needed to be read…

Production & Print

Throughout the process of designing your book, we’ll take great care to make sure we are preparing it for the inevitable—being printed and reproduced at the highest quality and standards. Making sure your book is prepared properly for the printer of your choice is a big part of the job. We’ll make sure your files are prepared and ready for press, in addition to following all the necessary guidelines your printer may provide. We use a number of domestic and overseas printers, and are well versed in print-on-demand (POD) technologies and printer options. We’ll help guide you through the detailed process.

E-Book Conversions

Most books are destined to be read on some digital device. We will take your beautifully designed book and convert it to the e-Book format of your choice, so that your audience can connect with your work easily across various devices.


Spreading the Word

Tools to help you engage with your audience



Audiobooks are a great way to connect with your readers. There is nothing like listening to your favorite book on the way to work or while relaxing at home. We'll set you up with the right voiceover narrator for your book and help you reach a whole new audience.

Book Trailers

Book trailers are a wonderful way to get in front of your audience and get them excited about reading your book. A short trailer can be a great promotion tool on YouTube or Vimeo and other social media outlets.
Check out our book trailers.

Author Websites

An author website provides an essential meeting place to connect with your audience, a place where readers can meet you as an author and interact with you. We can design and program a site for you that is clean, easy to navigate, informative and engaging.


Our branding service is very much focused on giving your company a professional appeal. That may include developing an elegant logo for your indie publishing venture, or creating essential marketing collateral in the form of business cards, brochures, displays, advertisements and more. We make sure that your brand is consistent across all of your marketing venues.

A Final Touch

It’s all in the details. What makes you stand apart?

Editorial services

We collaborate with a network of editors to bring your book to top form. Making sure your book reads well is as important as the design and layout. We can provide both manuscript editing (also called copyediting or line editing, but distinct from developmental editing) and proofreading, and/or pair you with an editor to really overhaul your manuscript and make sure it’s ready for its debut.

And more!

We would love to speak with you about your specific needs and goals. Every project is different and has many moving parts. We’ll work with you to define your vision and give it an attractive package.

  • “ I honestly couldn’t imagine a better cover. I get people telling how much they love the cover on a regular basis. ”

    — S.C. Barrus
  • “Thank you both so much for bringing Sweetly Seeking to life! I’m so over the moon with the design and whole feel of the book! You guys are the ‘Dream Team Designers!’ Looking forward to the next project with you!”

    — Sarah Dickey
  • “ Thank you for such quick turn-arounds, wonderful organization, your professionalism, and most of all your great ideas and solutions.”

    — Tracy Cunningham
  • “Thank you so much for your great work and incredible speediness!”

    — Laura Williams, Algonquin Press
  • “Thank you for making my dream come true! Your beautiful book design, Ian, moved me to tears the moment I saw it. Your project management and constant support throughout the process, Alan, was a dream. What an amazing team you make!”

    — Pupfish Press
  • “ The cover and layout are so professionally done and compelling. The whole design speaks to a high level of quality and style and I think that has a huge impact on book sales. ”

    — Cynthia Morris

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