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The King of Nothing Much Book Cover
Scary Stories Book Cover
Drink Me Book Cover
Tropicale Cookbook Book Cover
The Faygo Book Book Cover
Quirky Berkeley Book Cover
Loaded Blessings Book Cover
Waterman 2.0 Book Cover
The Maverick Cookbook Book Cover
The Pirate Devil Book Cover
Airliner Models Book Cover
Hoagie and Katie Series Book Cover
Chase 'n Yur Face Cookbook Book Cover
The Complete Sherlock Holmes Book Cover
The Adventure Collection Book Cover
The Complete Novels of Jane Austen Book Cover
The Enchanted Collection Book Cover
Asia Beyond Growth Book Cover
Bis on Main Book Cover
Brother Cuisine Book Cover
Buildings & Landscapes Book Cover
Cache Book Cover
Liberty Bell Center Book Cover
Modern Impulse Book Cover
Olive Oil Desserts Book Cover
Passion for Pinot Book Cover
San Francisco Giants 50th Anniversary Book Cover
The Hanna-Barbera Treasury Book Cover
The Hero with a Thousand Faces Book Cover
The Looney Tunes Treasury Book Cover
The Lost Amazon Book Cover
The Oregonian Cookbook Book Cover
The San Francisco Cliff House Book Cover
Toscana Book Cover
  • “ I honestly couldn’t imagine a better cover. I get people telling how much they love the cover on a regular basis. ”

    — S.C. Barrus
  • “Thank you so much for your great work and incredible speediness!”

    — Laura Williams, Algonquin Press
  • “ The cover and layout are so professionally done and compelling. The whole design speaks to a high level of quality and style and I think that has a huge impact on book sales. ”

    — Cynthia Morris
  • “Thank you for making my dream come true! Your beautiful book design, Ian, moved me to tears the moment I saw it. Your project management and constant support throughout the process, Alan, was a dream. What an amazing team you make!”

    — Pupfish Press
  • “ Thank you for such quick turn-arounds, wonderful organization, your professionalism, and most of all your great ideas and solutions.”

    — Tracy Cunningham
  • “Thank you for taking the time to visit and be safe out there during COVID 19 (coronavirus). It’s a good time to curl up with a book!”

    — Alan Hebel and Ian Koviak

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