The Making of Middle-Earth
The Roots of Sorrow
Living with other Creatures
Liberty Bell Center
Spilt Milk
Pop-psychology series
The Lost Amazon
Fall River Classics
Inside the Box
Let The People See
Walk the Wild Road
The French Wardrobe
Tears in Rain
Buried on Avenue B
The Rule of Four
San Francisco Giants 50th Anniversary
The Philadelphia Chromosome
Someday is Not a Day of the Week
The War Within
Statue of Libertine
Spitting Devil
Between the Redwoods and the Bay
Tinderbox HBO
The Death of Valentino
The Courage to Suffer
Fall River Classics 2015
Double or Nothing
Child's Play
Champions of Hope
Big Book
You're A Genius at Something
Womb of Diamonds
Willie‘s Game
Who Stole My Child?
Weekend Effect
Time‘s Twisted Arrow (Timebound)
Things We Set on Fire
Thieves World Series
The Shroud Conspiracy
The Price of Reason
The Kefir Cookbook
The Haunting Ballad (unused)
The Game They Played
The Film Encyclopedia 7th Edition
The Bucolic Plague
The Ageless Generation
Stand up for Hope and Respect
Rough Men
KetoFast Cookbook
House of Cards
Fast Food Genocide
Enticed by Eden
Dog Days
Dead Low Tide
Cythia Eden Series
Brooklyn Legacies
Bring the Jubilee
Breaking Bad News
Ashes to Dust
Animal Atlas
Absolutely Nasty Kakuro
2 Inches From the Ground