L.M. Montgomery Series


L.M. Montgomery Series


May 2nd, 2014

Some months back we completed a great job with, yet again, the talented Jacqui Oakley (who did the interior illustrations for the Sherlock and Jane Austen box sets we did for Amazon), and the team over at Sourcebooks. The project in question was a repackage of L.M. Mongomorey's classic Anne of Green Gables series as well as her other classic novels. It was great fun working with Jacqui on developing a look that could work for all of the books. The 6 main Anne books are visually tied with a head shot of Anne as she ages, along with various elements from the books scattered about her hair and around her portrait. The other books loosely followed this approach and some broke free to explore a treatment more representative of those titles. But Jacqui's art ties them all together nicely as does our spine and back cover treatments.

You can see more of the process that Jacqui went through on her website.

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